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What is the Best NA CS Player?

There have been plenty of discussion lately of the best and most dominant players in the North American League of Legends Championship Series, and to try to create a list of the best in the NALCS in the most direct way possible, I created a hypothetical list of the best NA LCS players. This list, which you will find attached below, was created under the same hypothetical scenario that all NA LCS teams were in a draft featuring only the top players from the league.

This would happen if every single player in the league is able to select the first player available in every possible position, starting from their very own GM. A very simple list, right? Of course it is, and if you like this format, I recommend you go through this article. If not, you can stop reading now and move on.

First on my hypothetical list, I have GM Hauntzer, who was considered by many as the best jungler in the North America League of Legends Championship Series. The reason for my inclusion on this list is because Hauntzer has had a few outstanding games recently, including winning against SK Telecom T1 and against CLG EU in the summer split. As such, he may be a bit more valuable in the draft, and I feel it is worth taking him off of this list.

Second on the list, I have GM Aphromoo, who seems to consistently play good games throughout the year. It might be because of his experience and the fact that he seems to be the most comfortable in the role that he plays. I wouldn’t expect his performances in the finals to stay consistent throughout the rest of the season, but he does have strong performances in other games, as well.

Third on the list is CLG Mid Laner Xmithie, whose performance is inconsistent throughout the year. He has played exceptionally in a number of games this season and has a strong early game, but seems to struggle a bit later on.

So, there you have it, one of the easiest ways you can create a list of the best NA LCS players, which I believe would be helpful for you as a fan or a coach. Of course, I can assure you that it would also help you draft your own list and see which players are the most valuable for each position.

There has been much talk lately of the best NA LCS players and MVP’s so wanted to compile a top ten player’s list for the upcoming season. This top ten list has been compiled by dividing the players into categories and looking at them from a different perspective. This makes it a top ten player’s list and not just a list of what I think the best player is.

This is a top ten player’s list of every team in the league, not just the starters of each team. There have been several changes to the format of this year’s NA LCS draft and I want to be sure to review those and how they have affected the game. To make this a better list of top players, I want to break down what type of player each player fits into the system. The players are broken down into the following categories.

Team Player: Each team has three players on their roster. These three players represent the team. The three players consist of their coach, hunger, and mid-laner. The coach is responsible for getting everyone on the same page, strategizing for the game, and organizing the practice for the team. The jungler is responsible for taking care of the early game, mid layer for late game, and the mid-layer is responsible for setting up ganks and lanes for the team as a whole.

Team Soloist: The two primary players are the team leaders. These players are also called the “Sub-Quitters” because they are the main subs for the team. They are there to fill in when there is a major problem or lack of coordination on the team. They are usually the carry players of the team. They do not contribute to the damage and only take out objectives when the other two are not present.

Team Defender: The rest of the team is the defense of the base. These players can be considered the “Sub-Guardians.” Their primary job is to keep the enemy team from getting a foothold in base. They must maintain a presence on the front line to protect the bases by protecting the objectives, buying items, and staying alive. They are the last line of defense when the team is pushed back to base.

Team Support: This category is used to describe the types of items that the team buys, the styles of team fighting they perform, and their overall effect on the game. These are the “Sub-Supporters.” The Support players are responsible for keeping the team alive by keeping the team’s vision, buying items, providing buffs, and giving buffs and shields to the other members of the team. They are also responsible for protecting the main tank by preventing kills from being taken by the enemy team. They are often the ones making plays that turn a fight or an objective. If the team is losing a fight, they are the ones that pull out and help to get the team back into the game by using skills that allow them to outplay the opposition.

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